About State Garage Door Service - Emergency Garage Door Keypad  Waltham, MA

In ten years of service, State Garage Door Service has become synonymous with quality service and is trusted by its residential and commercial clients in Waltham, MA area. We are proud of being the only garage door service provider that offers fine quality products and services at a reasonable price. What makes us stronger is our passionate team of skilled experts who serve their customers with absolute dedication, not to mention their expertise in tackling even the most complex garage door technology.

We work 24/7 in Waltham, which means that anytime you need a garage door specialist, there is always one available and that too just a call away.

Why us?

State Garage Door Service Waltham, MA 781-437-0074Garage doors have evolved so much over the years that only someone who keeps profound knowledge of the trade should be trusted with your garage door troubles. State Garage Door Service has been present in the industry for a decade, has a team full of experienced technicians and round the clock availability.

Our professionals have so much experience that they can easily be your advisors when you need an expert opinion while selecting a suitable garage door for your property. Not only that, we can also help you with its installation and regular upkeep. This means that once you are with State Garage Door Service, you don't have to go anywhere else because we will take care of all your garage door worries.

Garage doors may seem so simplistic at the face of it; but underneath, they have a large network of cables, pulleys, springs and such components that work in unison to make the door function the way it does. Even if the smallest part breaks down, it can render your door dysfunctional. However, if you have State Garage Door Service by your side, hired for your door’s regular upkeep, we can diagnose the issue long before it becomes a problem and fix it for you, then and there. You can expect this kind of quality only from someone who has a wealth of experience like we do at State Garage Door Service.

Service range:

We can cater to all kinds of garage door issues. You can call us for maintenance work, upgrade or even repair. Our clients also seek our help for installation of small parts such as springs, sensors, door cables etc. You can also call us post business hours because State Garage Door Service provides 24-hour garage door service to all its clients in Waltham, MA.

Skills you can trust:

Our team of experts at State Garage Door Service is not only the best, but also the most dedicated technicians you will ever find in Waltham. When you call us for help, we send someone over immediately and do our best to resolve your issue effectively.