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Garage doors appear low maintenance with their simple job of opening and shutting down. However, there is a huge network of complex systems that is in play to ensure that your door functions properly. Even if the smallest part in this network, like springs or cables give away, your door can malfunction or even cause injury if any of these components snap. This is why it is important to get them checked regularly to ensure that everything is in order, under the hood.

State Garage Door Service is a specialized team of experts who can handle all kinds of springs that go inside a garage door. We can perform regular checks and repair work if required, then and there. Sometimes just tightening the springs does the trick. However, only a professional would know how to do it without causing any damage. This is why it is imperative that you enlist help from an expert company such as State Garage Door Service that has worked for a decade in this industry and serviced all clients from residential to business in Waltham, MA area.

State Garage Door Service Waltham, MA 781-437-0074Springs are not as low maintenance as they sound! A good technician would know the amount of skill and knowledge that is required to handle them with precision. We assure you that experts at State Garage Door Service have the needed skill to handle that for you. Besides, you can also take their expert opinion in choosing the right kind of spring for your garage door, which is an important component picked on the basis of your door’s size and weight. An experienced technician will be able to help you with it, without compromising the safety and security of your doors.

We are a trusted name in Waltham, MA because we offer 24/7 garage door service and that too at reasonable prices. Our objective is to make quality service available to all our clients in Waltham.

Torsion springs

Torsion springs are what they use these days in garage doors. They are a smart system of cables and pulleys, putting their load on cables that are linked to drums on either end so that the weight can distribute equitably. A tight spring is wrapped around a shaft to ensure that this weight is spread uniformly. As a result, your garage doors become more stable and firm, with fewer chances of a broken spring.

Since torsion springs are new-age, they are a lot more complex than its predecessor. They need to installed and maintained by someone who knows how they function! State Garage Door Service is the company that specializes in torsion springs and can handle its repair and installation work with accuracy.

Extension springs

Extension springs are a cheaper alternative to torsion springs and are based on expansion/contraction principle. Any time your door opens, the spring contracts and expands again when it is closed. Since these springs hold lot of tension in them, they must be tackled by someone who has the technical know-how and experience with extension springs.

This is why it is recommended that you use State Garage Door Service to ensure regular maintenance of your garage doors and springs, without the risk of injury caused by someone inexperienced. If you want to know more about our services, call us today.