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Garage doors not just serve as an entryway but can also enhance the security of your property. If done the right way, they can also improve your property’s visual appeal. This is one of the many reasons that encourage our clients to get a garage door installed in their homes or offices, if they don't already have one.

State Garage Door Service is a trusted name in Waltham, MA and we have been helping our business and homeowner clients for a decade now. We not only assist in installation of all kinds of garage doors but can also help in selecting one.

State Garage Door Service Waltham, MA 781-437-0074We have provided all our clients with unmatched services for a decade and now we also offer a wide range of products they can choose from. We have a collection of fine quality doors that we source only from international manufacturers who can match up to our standards. Since we offer long lasting, low cost doors, State Garage Door Service is highly recommended by our clients in Waltham. No matter what kind of door you need, from a garage door to a carriage house door, we can do it all!

The installation process:

Step 1: After you call our experts, we work with you to get a fine understanding of what you need and what is your budget is

Step 2: Once your door requirements are fine tuned, the team will visit your property to assess the dimensions. After evaluating the material requirement, our team will offer you a quote.

Step 3: Based on your requirement, our experts can custom build your door or get one readymade.

Step 4: Once the door selection process is finalized, our team can also help in its installation and subsequent maintenance.