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In all these years that we have been present in Waltham, MA we have been able to sustain and outperform its competitors. We have always managed to stay on top and are considered the most reliable garage door service in Waltham for a reason. Our clients seek us out because we give them quality service and regular maintenance work at a fraction of cost. Moreover, we are also present 24/7 so that we can address their concerns whenever they need assistance with their garage doors.

State Garage Door Service has worked feverishly to build a standard of quality and we do everything we can to maintain that standard. This is why we recruit our team of experts with caution and only bring in those people on board who have the qualifications and experience to add value to our service offerings. Additionally, we also provide them with regular trainings and workshops so that they can stay updated with the industry standards. We can handle all kinds of garage door, even the complicated ones, with absolute precision.

An array of choices:

State Garage Door Service Waltham, MA 781-437-0074State Garage Door Service is synonymous with quality products and services in Waltham, MA. This is why we recommend or associate ourselves with only those products that can match up to our ethos. Our broad spectrum of products and services come with a quality guarantee. We also offer our customers with wide variety to choose from.


Weather can have a debilitating impact on your garage doors that can be mitigated by using weather-stripping service. State Garage Door Service is specialized in giving your doors the weather treatment it needs to protect their life and make them last longer.

If you need weatherstripping on your garage doors, require repair services, or want to upgrade the doors or need any other kind of garage door assistance, you can call State Garage Door Service at 781-437-0074 and we will be happy to help you.